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Daisy Awards

Celebrating Nurses who provide extraordinary, compassionate, and skillful care every day...


January 2017

Elisa Reno - D1
Jennifer Loft - Dgr
Kathy Seppala - E29

May 2017

Ruby Cuison - B2
Paul Hagerty - B2
Joselyn Johnson - C2
Kristi Norris - C2
Tiffany Goodwin - D3
Jamie Doyle - F3

August 2017

Kelly Straight - B1
Theresa Latchford - E1
Pritam Steiner - Float Pool

December 2017

Danielle Allen - B2/G2S
Marlys Ludlow - Dialysis
Callie Nelson - D3

To learn more about Stanford's Daisy Award, please visit our website

To learn more about the National Daisy Award Foundation, please visit:


300 Pasteur Dr
Palo Alto, 94304​

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