Global Exchange:  Shanghai

For the last five years, a cohort of Stanford RN’s has travelled to Changhai Hospital as part of an international learning exchange under the leadership of Tarina Kwong.

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For the last five years, a cohort of Stanford RN’s has travelled to Changhai Hospital as part of an international learning exchange under the leadership of Tarina Kwong.  Each RN in the cohort prepared a presentation pertaining to their specialties for the conference. This year thier presentations widely focused on different roles of the RN at Stanford Healthcare.  They shared the experiences of Stanford RN’s in the clinical advice line, discharge follow-up phone calls, emergency department, transition to acuity adaptable units, case management, and the heart failure CNS.


In addition to presenting at the conference the Stanford RN’s were given tours of Changhai Hospital. They visited several departments including the vascular unit, cardiac ICU, Chinese traditional medicine, the emergency department, and the infusion center. A theme was noticed throughout all of the areas they toured. Despite being a 1,000-bed hospital, all of the patient care areas were remarkably quiet.  Family members are also heavily involved with patients while they are hospitalized.

Sharing Best Practices

As part of the exchange nurses from Changhai Hospital have come to Stanford to learn and share their knowledge for the past several years.  We had several opportunities to speak with RN’s that have already visited Stanford, and were amazed to see things they learned on their visits put into action. Each patient care unit at Changhai Hospital now has a visibility wall that highlights patients who are high falls risks, patients with pressure ulcers and PICC lines. The vascular unit has adapted their own version of a charge nurse after visiting Stanford. Wendy, an RN that visited Stanford 2 years ago, shared with the group how her visit re-invigorated her passion for nursing. Seeing nurses at Stanford drive change for improved patient outcomes gave her purpose when she returned to Changhai Hospital. Five RN’s from Changhai Hospital will be visiting Stanford in February 2018. They are looking forward to learning new best practices and taking them back to their home units.



At the beginning of October 2017, four Stanford nurses boarded a plane to Shanghai, China to present at the International Nursing Leadership Conference held by Changhai Hospital. Carrie Chan from International Medicine, Teresa Yip from the Emergency Department, Lauran Miklosey from B3, and Tarina Kwong from Heart and Vascular Clinic travelled to China prepared to discover and to educate about nursing practices from around the globe.

In Closing

Everyone who participated in this exchange grew professionally and culturally during this trip, and came home with a renewed passion for the service and care we provide to our patients every day at Stanford. The team was extremely proud to show the world what it means to be a Stanford nurse.


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